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Lapa for functions and events

Etala (African Lounge)

A large Lapa (thatched roof) for dining and other activities as well as a round African thatched hut with a half built wall to allow ventilation for those who want to enjoy both the shade and a cool breeze while entertaining your friends and for business convenience. Free Wi-Fi is accessible by guests around our lodge.



A modern relaxing bar for our in-house guests and local patrons is available with a selection of great wines, whiskey, brandy, Amarula cocktails and more for those who enjoy western drinks, while promoting local drinks including Ontaku, Omalovu, Omagongo and many other Namibian beverages. Delicious traditional cocktails can be enjoyed as one admires the stunning sunset in the village style and in the great company of our dedicated-friendly and professional bar ladies.
Private outdoor bar – stocked when requested in garden.

Barbeque area

The barbeque area lies under a lapa and includes seating. Both gas and spit braais are available. The area can be used by guests for their own personal use or guests can request that the lodge cater for them on the barbeque.
This is where the creativity and passion for healthy, delicious foods happens and all in a very special roofed area. The barbeque can be prepared by our talented chefs - an inspiring way to witness a fusion of traditional meal preparation and sometimes western cuisine especially for our international visitors.

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool & Free Wifi

Guests may enjoy a cool swim in our swimming pool.
Free wifi is available throughout the lodge.

Beer garden and orchard


Beer Garden – Oshoto – this round garden includes seating. It is used as a Beer Garden and is a great venue for holding parties.
Orchard – Ntunda Lodge has already started developing its environment by planting both foreign and indigenous trees, shrubs and vegetables. The area was barren and has now been turned into a green field. So far more than 2700 shade and fruit trees including shrubs have been planted. The communities in Oshakati and the surrounding areas have already tasted the fruit and vegetables of this young and vibrant community oriented project. Among the current products are the papayas, mangoes, red berries, pears, cashew nuts, guavas, water melons, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, onions, sweet potatoes, chilies, green peppers, beet roots and more.


Birds & Wildlife

Ntunda Lodge is home to live farm chickens, pigeons, peacocks, ducks and guinea fowls. The bird's home is few meters from the green orchard. They enjoy free movement during the day within the boundaries of the lodge, allowing them to be viewed and enjoyed by our visitors. Our 2 dams are also teeming with cat fish and tilapia.

Photography - Northern Namibia

Photography Services

Ntunda Lodge has a mobile photographic and printing service. We take brilliant pictures as per customer request. Photo-lab quality pictures are printed within less than 10 minutes. We also provide a lamination service for various documents and sizes. We can also scan and print your pictures and documents.

Freezing and Cooling Facilities

We have two ice cube machines. In the Freezer Room we produce ice blocks for lodge use , the local community and guests. The Freezer Room provides freezing space for locals from nearby towns and villages who want to cool their meat products before slicing them with our industrial meat-cutter.

Car Wash

Let us wash your car until it is sparkling clean for an affordable fee, while you relax at Ntunda Lodge.

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