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Ntunda Lodge endeavours to be an environmentally friendly lodge which promotes local cultural tourism and supports its local community of which it is a part.

To this end we have supported a group of local women in their efforts to raise funds for the construction of Ekamba church and local schools by giving them free access to our facilities. Other institutions hold their year-end functions at our Lodge and the locals visit regularly for a sundown experience and relaxation.

We have supported local community business growth by:

  • Promoting clay potters and basket weavers by local entrepreneurs
  • Promoting youth skills transfer e.g. hospitality management for effective vocational education training and art skills development

Ntunda Lodge has already started developing its environment by planting both foreign and indigenous trees, shrubs and vegetables. The area which used to be barren and has been transformed into a green field. So far more than 2700 shade and fruit trees including shrubs have already been planted. The communities in the surrounding and of Oshakati town have already tasted the fruit and vegetables of this young and vibrant community oriented project. Among the current products are the papayas, mangoes, red berries, pears, cashew nuts, guavas, water melons, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, onions, sweet potatoes, chilies, green peppers, beet roots and more.

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