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The Lodge

Our eco-friendly, community oriented-lodge is ideally situated less than 5km from Oshakati and a mere 2km away from the village settlement of Uukwangula. It aims to blend the comforts of modern life with the culture and traditions of a village lifestyle.

Our guests are able to escape the hustle and bustle of the city while relaxing in one of our inspiring green gardens while being served by our friendly staff. We boast endless open views of the surrounding landscape and traditional homesteads, a unique experience, enjoyed nowhere else.

We aim to preserve and nurture the cultural tourism experience in the northern part of our beautiful country and to keep the village's heritage alive.

The ideal location of a natural stream of the Ntunda River on the East, the Lutshetshete Pan on the South and Oshana sha Mlimbalimba on South West make Ntunda Lodge a golden island in its own right.

Our lodge is open to both overnight and day visitors.

Lodge and accommodation at reasonable rates near Oshakati, Northern Namibia

Accomplishments since inception

We have profoundly satisfied and continue to serve our local and international guests at Ntunda Lodge and nothing makes us happier than to see many of them returning and making our Lodge their home during their visits to ‘Owamboland’

In supporting our community, we have supported a group of local women in their efforts to raise funds for the construction of Ekamba church and local schools by giving them free access to our facilities. Other institutions hold their year-end functions at our Lodge and the locals visit regularly for a sundown experience and relaxation.

Our quality hospitality services and unique experiences are enjoyed and appreciated by our guests and are an enormous pleasure to provide.


To develop a sound local lodge where lodging is provided and brings about long-lasting employment opportunities for our local youth and remains loyal to traditional cuisine and beverages yet satisfies other cultural needs in a manner that business is always profitable and all our patrons are served and satisfied in a very relaxing atmosphere.

Mission statement

To provide an excellent, community-oriented hospitality service and an inspirational venue for activities ranging from outdoor activities, small conference facilities, seminars, workshops and mini meetings.

Additional to offering affordable over-night accommodation to domestic, international and business travellers in our beautiful African chalets and camping site, we aim to promote appreciation of Namibia as a cultural tourism and hospitality destination... a gateway to a unique cultural experience and lodging in style with ever-lasting memories at Ntunda Lodge, Oshakati.

Our Values

Our Strategic Goals, Activities and Facilities

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